Several Years Ago, We Opened Our Crispy Cuban Trolley and Set Out to Make the Best Cuban Sandwich Ever
We found the best small-farm raised organic pork and roasted it together with citrus and garlic. We cooked and glazed our own Organic Ham,  found the right pickles, created a special mustard butter, sourced two different imported Swiss Cheeses, and custom baked the perfect Cuban Bread.  Then we took these delicious ingredients, carefully constructed our Cubano, and pressed it to crispy perfection.  Our Crispy Cuban Food Truck was such a hit, that it inspired a movie called 'Chef'. 
This year, the first of our Crispy Cuban Restaurants is set to open in Downtown Los Angeles.  Unfortunately,  recent events have forced us to delay our opening, but in the meantime, you can enjoy our delicious sandwiches and Cuban dishes delivered right to your door.